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​Big and J attractants and Swagger bipods have joined the Carolina Razorback family and are proving to be standout applications in the low grounds and will get some use in other applications soon. The hogs love the attractant Big and J produces and the Swagger bipods are enabling our staff hunters the ability to take well aimed shots, by providing a stable shooting platform in the austere and unbalanced low grounds. If interested give in either, let us know and if you are at camp for a hunt, we will break it all out and let you check it out.

Carolina Razorback Outfitters is a proud customer and dealer for American Technologies Network (ATN) Corporation, who makes top of the line Night Vision aids and other fine equipment. A page is being added to the website, so until it is up, please email for pricing and questions at

Established in 1999, Carolina Razorback Outfitters (CRO) is Johnston County's 1st and foremost feral hog hunting outfit. We specialize in swamp hunting and with high success rates, we have set the bar with 100% fair chase packages starting at $250 a person. Hunting the Neuse River, our properties give you the opportunity to enjoy the best that Eastern North Carolina has to​ offer.