Bring your weapon of choice. If you need a confirmation zero or want some range time we can facilitate, just let us know beforehand. You can also try out one of our rifles for rent, which set you up for day and night hunts. Click the link for more info.

Hogs have superb eye sight and can see a hunter swatting mosquitos from a mile away, so ensure you are prepared for mosquitos.

Hogs a great sense of smell and your scent could be the difference between taking out that 200 lb. monster.

Whether its a rail mounted light or a duck tapped maglite, having a light on your weapon is key when operating at night. A headlamp or hand held is another great tool to have on hand.


Appropriate clothing for the time of year and forecasted weather.

We recommend at a minimum the following gear. **We are not endorsing any of the brand names you see.**

At least 18 inch boots, however chest waders may be necessary. Call for an update on the water level.

Gear List

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